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Bubbles of waffle available in 6 flavours

Our Range of Waffles

A bit of a sweet tooth? Little Cultures make each #WafflePuff from scratch. Our Signature Series waffle puffs are not just a dessert, they are the perfect reason to share the best waffle in town with your best friends. Have a little competition snapping the best shot of the Traditional Style with a scoop of vanilla gelato or pairing the Popcorn Cookie Party with a scoop of Oreo gelato! Although we certainly would not judge you for having one all to yourself for breakfast.

If you are really up for an indulgence of waffle-goodness, try one of their Ultimate Series waffle puffs. The famous #NanaNutella has everything your inner child wants, including double chocolate waffle wrapping around a scoop of banana yolato, whipped cream, fresh banana, chocolate wafer stick and a generous drizzle of Nutella. That sounds like happiness to me! If you are feeling a little adventurous, why not try to create your own combination of waffle flavours, scoop and toppings!

Choose your Base

Original • Double Chocolate • Taro Coconut • Strawberry White Chocolate • Mango Coconut • Matcha Red Bean

Add a Sccop

Choose from one of our 6 flavours on display or our vanilla gelato

Add Toppings

Chocolate Sauce • Dark Choc Flakes • Oreo® • Caramel Sauce • Mini M&Ms® • Tim Tam® • Maple Syrup • Choc Wafer Stick • Choc Honeycomb • Rainbow Sprinkles • Gummy Bears • Nutella® • Dark Choc Chips • Crushed Meringue • Peanut Butter • White Choc Chips • Pocky® Sticks • Red Beans • Oreo® Crumbs • Caramel Popcorn • Strawberries • Shredded Coconut • Tiny Teddies • Banana  + more in-store


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