Our Story

Our Story

It all started back in 2016 when their doors opened and Perth was presented with the first superfood and dessert cafe.

Little Cultures was founded on making their own fresh yoghurt which they still make on the premise and use in their smoothies, fresh yoghurt bowls and frozen treats. Over the years we have been busy changing our menu and adding more amazing superfood and dessert offerings for you to enjoy.


At Little Cultures Superfood and Dessert Bar, everything on offer is made from scratch, fresh-to-order – which means you cannot find #ColdPressedJuices & #Smoothiesbowls fresher than this!

With more than 10 different blends of Acai & Smoothie Bowl on offer all day long, you can design your own bowl and mix-and-match with more than 30 different fruit and superfood toppings! We only use unsweetened, organic and fair-trade acai so you know you are in for a guilt-free and healthy treat every time!


Our Yoghurt

Using a traditional 12-hour handcrafting method and local WA milk and no added sugar or additives, each small batch of Little Cultures’ natural yoghurt contains millions of 6 active probiotic cultures. Needless to mention there are more than a dozen health benefits to enjoy a big spoonful of their natural probiotic yoghurt in addition to the pure and authentic taste of this nature’s superfood.

Our Goal


Our goal is to give you a taste of something amazing that you will love and make you feel happy all day long. So if after your first few mouthfuls you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will happily replace it. If we have done something right or wrong., please speak up and let us know so we can keep no striving for advancement in our service and food quality.

Our Team

The crew at Little Cultures are all about using quality produce and our homemade Gelato and Yolato – that’s yoghurt-gelato are made with real ingredients, no artificial colours, or preservatives. Using our ice pan we will create 100s of different frozen desserts #InstaFroz with 3 bases to choose from, Yolato, Gelato and vegan coco. From the view panel, you will watch the crew chop, mix, spread your amazing frozen treats handcrafted right in front of your eyes!

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